Types and Grades

AEC/Rice Oil provides the following types and grades of fuel:

  • Diesel: Low Sulfur, Ultralow Sulfur, Off-road dyed and un-dyed, Marine, Railroad
  • Gasoline: Conventional and Reformulated, 87, 89 and 93 Octane
  • Ethanol: Available for blending or as straight ethanol
  • Biodiesel


Allied Energy Company distinguishes itself from its competitors with AEC’s Fuel Quality Management Programs and Practices for distributors and users of fuels. This advanced system ensures a stable fuel environment that allows us to not only produce a consistent and quality biodiesel exceeding the ASTM 6751 Standards and BQ 9000 Certification, but to also store it in such a way it meets those high standards after production. Using our specialized knowledge of the fuel cycle, we’re able to incorporate fuel quality control practices, fuel stabilization, quality assurance methods, and technologies which exceed ASTM 6751 Standards and BQ 9000 Certification to include ASTM 975 Standards for (B-1 to B-99) blended biodiesel and fossil fuel at the rack.

Whatever your requirement, we have proven, well rounded programs to fit your specific needs.